Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm Itchin' Like a Bug on a Fuzzy Tree

Okay! We've decided on Memphis!

We hunted down the last remaining vacant hotel room in western Tennessee and felled it with one shot from the trusty 30-ought VISA card. Okay, I lied. It's really in Mississippi, 20 miles from our goal, but we were lucky to find it and hopefully that will be the hardest part of the vacationette. Who knew Memphis was such a hot spot in September?

I had to swallow my pride and sign up online for my Old Fart's Card to qualify for the AARP room rate. What the hell, now we can eat off the senior menu and enjoy the plethora of coveted Senior Citizen Discounts to be found out there in Old Fart Land. I should probably get a Golden Eagle Pass to all the National Parks while I'm at it. (You're a Senior Citizen at FIFTY??) You might be interested to know that AARP is a gay-friendly organization, so while I was at it I got Ev her very own "spouse or partner" discount card, too. Suitable for laminating!

We plan to see Beale Street and Graceland, because you have to if you're in Memphis. It's a law or something. Then we'll be off to The Hermitage and the Civil Rights Museum, housed in the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

We're excited! It's the perfect combination for a Kwach and Ev dream vacationette ... a three hour drive through pretty scenery, some interesting history, and cheesy tourist crap!

Expect photos.



Aunt B said...

Um, if you mean Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, you'll have to wait until you come to Nashville for that, otherwise, you're going to have a long detour in the middle of your day.

Otherwise, welcome to our great state! Well, kind of. Be careful and holler if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Stax Museum !!! Your in good company with AARP lol. I turned 50 this year and, immediately went for the perks. Go Gators beat Tennessee :)

Ev said...

Oh, that's right! Break my heart.

Look, we don't get out of town it too much to ask for the Hermitage to be in the town we're going too? Now are you going to tell me that the Lorraine Motel is in Nashville, too??

I think this is part of your evil plan to get us to go to Nashville and see the University of Tennessee play. :-)

Damn wide state. Jesus wants states to be tall. He told me. On the highway, you know, when he was riding with Elvis.

Ev said...

Man, you guys ARE old. I'm still a spring chicken next to you two. :-)

I'd love to see the Stax studios. Is it open for touring?

Anonymous said...

Stax is now a museum of sorts. 2 years ago it was was open. Really go and, since Hermitage is off your to do list you have time. Lots of American soul factoids. And, always remember Big Mama Thornton did hound dog first. I don't think she was with stax though.:)34-26 US.Whatcha think aunt b ? lol
Gooooooo Gators beat Tennessee lol


On one of my road trips across the country I stopped by Graceland. The tour was pricey, but I had to take it. They don't let you on the second floor, that is the family quarters, do you don't get to see the bathroom where he...

I thought it was great fun.