Friday, September 07, 2007

A Cat Can Dream

Around 8 o'clock all the cats start gathering at the place they wish to be fed. Unfortunately, that's not where we actually feed them. The actual feeding takes place on top of the deep freeze in the laundry room. But Brian hates the laundry room. He slinks in there to use the litter box like he's expecting sniper fire to cut him down.

He's scared to death of the laundry room because a long time ago the beer bottle capper scared him, and now he's sure it's laying in wait. When he tries to sneak past it, it's going to attack him. Bottle cappers are tricky that way. Don't trust yours.

So at 8-ish, they gather on the kitchen counter, hoping against hope that THIS time the food will happen in the kitchen and not the laundry room.Sorry boys, Not today, either. But feel free to check back in tomorrow and see if anything's changed!

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