Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Obviously, we ditched the Bears widget. Just as I suspected, it was too much. Last night Lori stuck the Bushisms widget up, but I don't like it at the top of the page. And since I'm a special-needs baby, I'd like it altered to fit my special needs. I'll keep thinking about it. t least for a while, until I forget that I ever had widgets in the first place.

Jessie, thanks for noticing the "Terrorist Threat Alert" is gone, but I either need new colors, or a month to forget the old one.

So the blog toys are a work in progress lately. Add it to everything else around here.

And speaking of, Traci and her girlfriend are going to Chicago this weekend and invited us to go. We briefly considered it, and then decided we'd rather stay home and cut shit up with a chain saw. I've suspected that we're getting weirder and weirder, but I think this has confirmed it. We went to Memphis on my last weekend off, and this time I want to hang around the house and putter in the yard. I think I'm as excited by that prospect as I was by the idea of going away for the weekend.

Yep. Weird.

So the upshot is that I'm on my second cup of coffee, but I still don't have anything interesting to say today. My computer is funky and I'm on Lori's now, but it doesn't inspire me. I need to have my feet on my desk, basking in the glow of my neon beer light to release the barrage of useless crap I usually blog about.

In the meantime, though, until the computer gets better...I'm working on a widget.

Robin...thanks for the book list. I'd forgotten about Lonesome Dove. And yes, I think it might have been fun to live in that time too, as long as I could still be gay. I'm not much interested in living the girl part of the 19th century.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to be a girl at all back then - hetero or otherwise. Yuck! Maybe I'd be a scout, or a trapper or something, but *NOT* a girl! A client brought in a "what happened in 1907" bit, and I learned that there were only 157 miles of PAVED roads back then. How cool is that!?! Robin


Being a female was always good -- it was society that was/is fucked up. I blame religion. The last matriarchal society on earth - the Mosu tribe of the Yunnan province in China has also, coincidently been named the world's most perfect society. Their only religion is respect for mother earth.

Ev said...

I think we only have 157 miles of paved road in Southern Illinois. We just have enough oil-and-chip to bury the earth 12 feet deep.

And speaking of the earth...what kind of commie shit it that, respecting something called Mother Earth? Mothers AND the Earth are here to be exploited! Didn't you get the e-mail?

Maybe a religion that respects Father Money...or even better, Adolescent Boy Money. Now THAT'S a religion we can get behind.

What, are you queer or something??

Suzanne said...

I guess I am weird too. Staying home and cutting up shit with a chain saw sounds awesome. I am jealous.