Monday, September 03, 2007

The DuQuoin State Fair

Carrie & Katie

Katie & Jonathan

Katie, "But you never said we'd be staying SIX HOURS!"

Uh-oh...I sense camels and alpacas joining our current crop of pets...

The Fair monkey.
"Y'all come back next year! And bring even MORE money!"


Carrie said...

Don't mistake that look on my face for joy. It's actually primal fear. My life was about to end at the hands of a carnie, and the song accompanying that ride was something by Lynard Skynard. It was just too tragic.

Anonymous said...

Primal fear or joy........Great teeth you have there. Nice smiles everyone. Lori you are precious in the petting zoo. No Ev on the combine ? You all look like the day was enjoyed (even the little one heh) and, it made me want to take my great niece and nephews to our County fair in November. :Diane

Ev said...

You should absolutely take them to the fair, and go early enough to catch the tractor pull and the mule jumping. Don't forget to eat something on a stick. It's tradition.

And I DO have a picture on the combine...but it's gruesome. :-)