Friday, February 16, 2007


Thank the Prime Mover it's Friday! I'm pretty sure this week has been dragging on for about six months. I was still a fairly young woman when it started.

It's that time of the year now in the midwest in which it's perpetually cold and dark. I know Spring is right around the corner, but I'm ready for some warm sunny days on the porch NOW. I'm looking forward to one of our favorite summertime activities: sitting on the porch and watching the woman across the road drink and mow her yard in increasingly erratic circles.

But...the bright side (and who didn't know I'd have a bright side?) is that I don't work this weekend, which means I get to spend it with Kwachie. We're overdue for a dinner date and some quality time, and I'm looking forward to that. And a Netflix. And snuggling up to watch it under a down quilt.

See? I'm easy. :-)

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Kwach said...

Earl the Anesthetist informed me today that Southern Illinois is expecting up to 4 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. This makes snuggling under the comforter watching Netflix's all the more appealing ... and hauling those last four pieces of furniture out of storage a little less so ... but all in all, I'm voting in favor of a weekend off with my sweetheart.

I know we had one only a couple of weekends ago, but we spent that one toiling like the tiny equally-yoked oxen we are. This weekend we should be lazy ho-bags. :)