Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shawnee, how I love ya, how I love ya ...

Dateline: February 17, 2007

Your intrepid Bloggers spent the day driving around Union County in search of 4+ prettiness, and found it!

Just outside of Jonesboro we took a turn down Kornthal Church Road and crossed this icy little creek ...

... to get you a picture of the historic Kornthal Church, built in 1852.

And here are some chubby geese frolicking in the semi-frozen slush of the wildlife refuge.

My job is to take the pictures. Ev's job is to drive the hazardous icy roads to get us to the places to take the pictures.

Her job is also to write interesting Blog entries, which she's promised to do tomorrow, when we will present ...

Jonesboro State Pond in Winter!



Carrie said...

Oh, chubby geese!

I've been telling Melvin that he's going to have all kinds of nifty new wildlife to chirp at through the window, and he just stares at me and then swats my face with his neon orange SoftClaws. If Princess Sophia would ever come out from under the bed, maybe she would be properly impressed.

Kwach said...

There's a family of groundhogs living under one of the sheds here. When we moved in there was the one ... and then in the Spring came the three babies. There's also a trio of cats who are dopplegangers for ours. Sometimes we worry that the ones we see outside are the ones who are supposed to be inside ... until we come inside and realize no one's missing. It's disconcerting, though. Melvin will have LOTS to chirp at!

: )