Thursday, February 22, 2007

Southern Illinois Fun

Okay, now my life is complete.

I got a Sirius radio for Christmas from Lori, but the radio it played through in my truck was pretty crummy, so I was losing it's wonderfulness to bad reception. But today I got a spiffy new radio installed in the truck that has "audio in" ports so that I can plug the satallite radio AND the iPod into it.

So I was driving in to work this afternoon and the sun was shining and the music was good, and then I switched it to NPR...and the sun was STILL shining and the conversation was good.

Oh, and that reminds me...on the way home from work last night, when I crested the hill in front of my mom's house there was a herd of deer in the road...maybe 20 of them. And those cheeky bastards didn't move when I approached them. I sat still for a minute, then I sort of nosed my way into the herd. They stepped out of the path of the truck, but didn't actually move off the road. I had the somewhat surreal experience of looking at their little deer-ish faces out of both windows, while they looked back at me. It felt like that scene at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when the humans and the aliens are standing and staring at each other on the tarmac. I eased past them, and we all checked each other out. I guess I checked out okay, since no one put an antler or a hoof through my window.

However, I felt an overwhelming impulse to make a mashed potato mountain when I got home...

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