Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day!

When did President's Day get to be a real holiday?

We've been seeing ads for President's Day sales all week. Katie has the day off school. Jewelry stores are advising shoppers about President's Day diamond pendants.

How did this happen? Can the promotion of Earth Day, Arbor Day and Flag Day be far behind?

I think of the period from Thanksgiving to New Year's as "the Holiday Season." This year, it seems like we barely healed from the Holiday Season (which, BTW, barely precedes the Mud Season) before the barrage of Valentine's Day advertising. Now that THAT'S ended, we seamlessly segued into President's Day advertising.

I think I get it now. It's like frogs crossing the pond by jumping from lily pad to lily pad. Americans traverse a calender year by jumping from shopping holiday to shopping holiday.

Now that President's Day is behind us, it's time to contemplate the Easter fashions in our future. After Easter, I suppose I ought to start saving up for that Memorial Day diamond bracelet for Kwachie.

Luckily, once the flags are all put up for Memorial Day, it's only a hop and a skip to Independence Day. Then Labor Day...does Labor Day need a flag, or is it one of those commie holidays where we're supposed to sit around singing "Joe Hill" and "Look For the Union Label"...while we exchange diamond bracelets?

And then...Voila! It's the Holiday Season! Again!

Start shopping! I think we're only six lily pads away from Christmas.

Oh...and this didn't survive the transfer too well, but it still cracked me up. I think this is as much President's Day celebration as I can tolerate.

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