Monday, February 05, 2007

Da (sob) Bears!

Well...The Bears lost. But I don't think of it as a loss, I think of it as a non-win. In a big way. They managed to non-win at just about every position except kickoff returner. Devin Hester was one of the very few bright spots. Rex Grossman...well, I'll bet his mother still loves him.

However, say what you will about the Bears (and we did...several times loudly), at least they managed to actually get to the Superbowl, and they never tried to sneak away to another city in the dead of night.

Oh...and they play outside and wear primary colors like real men, and not in some sissy dome all decked out in teal or lavender or whatever the lesser teams are wearing these days.

So now it'll be something of a sports wasteland until baseball season starts. And really, I can't get too excited about baseball until the weather warms up. Playing baseball in April is just wrong. No one should ever have to clear the snow off the field for a baseball game.

But in the meantime, the SIU basketball Salukis are ranked number 10 in the nation. I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I'll watch the NCAAs in March and root for them as long as they stay alive. After that, I'll be for anyone that plays against Duke or Michigan.

So this weekend Lori and I will hit the stores looking for the perfect Bears sweatshirts, something that will soothe our battered Bears pride and inspire us to greatness next Fall. Something we can treasure during the 20 year drought before their next Superbowl appearance.


Anonymous said...

Can't get into basketball - are you INSANE!?! That's were the REAL men hang out (in SHORTS, no less!) - plus it's ever-so-much-more exciting than baseball (which should only be watched in the fall - as in the finals!). 'Salright - at least you don't have to be the lonely BEARS fan, walking deep into the Colts territory of middle school. That's were my kids are today :-)

Ev said...

And, on the even brighter side, I'll never have to be a middle schooler again. And THAT'S something I'm continually grateful for.

If they shoved bamboo under the kid's fingernails it wouldn't be any worse form of torture than merely walking through the halls of middle school.

Boy, I'm glad I'm old!

Carrie said...

I started my new job today, and all the girls I work with were talking about how distraught they were the Bears lost. I was beginning to think I had fallen into the Coffee Shop Twilight Zone, when all of a sudden they started talking about sparkly earrings.
It appears the universe shifted only slightly.

Kwachie said...

I'm still learning about this "Bears Fan" thing. First I had to learn a lot of incidental football lore like, "only pussies play in domes" and "only pussies wear teal" and "only pussies sneak their team out of town in the dead of night" and "EVERYONE hates the [patooooey] COWBOYS."

Then I had to learn some Bears Lore ... like "Walter Payton taught Jesus to walk on water" and "1985 ... 1985 ... 1985" and "even the Bears look like dorks doing the Superbowl Shuffle."

So I got all that, and I learned the names, and I learned about "good Rex" and "bad Rex" and I got all whipped up and thought the Bears were gonna be Super Bowl Champs and I could finally live down coming from Phoenix ... home of the pussy Cardinals ...

But I had to learn the biggest lesson the hard way. Two things in this life will break your hears, but you gotta love them anyway ... beagles ... and the Bears.