Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Deep Freeze

Today is my day off.

I don't get nearly enough of them, so I tend to overbook them in advance and then spend the actual Blessed Event wrapped in a blanket in my jammies drinking coffee and reading the New York Times and Tiny Cat Pants.

But today I sprung out of bed at the crack of 10:30 (the dog was barking at the meter reader) and have made an internal vow to tackle the project I've been dragging my feet over for months.

The deep freeze.
(cue dramatic ta-da music)

When we moved here from Arizona, we rented the biggest U-Haul truck made. But since we had all of my stuff and all of Lori's stuff from her previous life as a single person, and all of Katie's stuff, and all the stuff we couldn't pawn off on kids, coworkers, neighbors, etc....we had a lot of stuff.

Initially, we had to rent two storage units to contain it all. Then we whittled it down to one, then we bought the enormous two-story shed and moved the rest 0f it in there. Now comes the task of making sense of it all.

The deep freeze project is the thing I fear most. When we were cramming all of our stuff into the U-Haul, we crammed a disparate collection of crap into the deep freeze, including things that I would now classify as garbage. When we got it moved here (no mean feat...that sucker is heavy) I looked at it all and said, "What do you suppose I was thinking when I packed the potting soil and fireplace logs?"

So today, as my penance for sins as yet unnamed and possibly still unsinned, I'm going to empty the deep freeze, bleach it (I love bleach. I'm a med tech.) and make it safe for a side of beef.

Or, since I love my vegan daughters, a side of tofu.

And then I'm going to reward myself with a cold beer, a blanket, and Tiny Cat Pants.


Kwach said...

So, when I got home there was a plume of smoke coming from the yard, and it wasn't coming from the enormous burn pile we've been trying to ignite for several months. I went 'round back to investigate and found my girl, with her newly shorn hair, happily tending leaf fires with a metal rake.

When the hair comes off and she starts burning shit, it's a sure sign of Spring! (Or PMS) ... :)


Kwach said...

When in Rome. :)

Ev's leaf fire looked so inviting I felt compelled to join in.

We decided to really enjoy it, so we spent a few hours dragging logs from the big "community" burn pile to our little personal burn pile and had a lovely evening sitting in our lawn chairs poking and stoking and admiring our romantic little bonfire.

My God, it's fun being "rural assholes" together! There ought to be a word for "as happy and content and in love as I could ever imagine myself being, and I want it to last forever."