Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blogger's Block

I have a bad case of blogger's block. Nothing is inspiring me to great acts of musing this week.

Here's what's going on in the world:

Anna Nicole Smith is dead. She had such an odd life, her untimely death seems sort of...typical for her.

The astronaut woman drove across the country in a NASA-issued diaper to kidnap the woman who was a rival for her boyfriend's affection. A knife, a rubber hose, pepper spray, and a diaper. Nothing can be added to that story to make it more titillating.

Eddie Murphy made a bad movie in which he plays a fat old woman...again.

It's cold in Illinois, but in New York they got 100 inches of snow. I think we may have gotten 100 inches of mud this year.

George Bush is still a moron.

Happy, Nurse Ann? :-)



Anonymous said...

Yes, I am now happy, well happier anyway. You just don't know how pissy I get when people don't keep up their blogs. I mean, really, why start if you are only going to offer a little taste and then take a week off.


Do you really think this is all I have to do? Keep track of you I mean?

Double sheesh.

Carrie said...

Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny?
For all those who have forgotten, add these to your Netflix queues:

Eddie Murphy Raw
Trading Places
Beverly Hill Cop
The Golden Child
Coming To America

I've been on an Eddie Murphy kick lately.