Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome to Wednesday!

Life's coming back together around here.

Our DSL is back, which means dog & duck pictures are forthcoming. Now I just have to remember to take a picture of them together. Oh, and in honor of my renewed DSL status, I finally cleared all of the AOL crap off my computer. Now after a small exorcism and a spritz with a room freshener, the computer ought to be a much nicer place to play.

I was desperate enough to have made a deal with the devil to get two days off in a row. I've agreed to swap them for some more 12 hour shifts. It seemed worth it at the time. I'll let you know if I still think it's such a hot deal by Saturday.

And lastly, we're going to get the last of our stuff out of the shed and into the house this weekend, which means I can get back to the business of turning my shed into an "artist's studio," which sounds so much better than "butch playhouse." And I won't let the fact that I'm not the slightest bit artistic affect my effete, pretentious snobbery. I'm just that kind of self-righteous hypocrite.

The bad news is that I'll be taking Cuppy back to the vet in a few minutes, since she seems to be oozing pinkish fluid from her eye-less socket, and the vet wants to drain it. With a needle. In the eye.

Who's glad they're not Cuppy today? Let's see a show of hands!


Suzanne said...

I am sooooo glad that I am not Cuppy. Oh man, oh man.

Welcome back, DSL! Congrats on freeing your machine from the evil spirits. My parents only got rid of AOL dial up a few months ago, meaning my visits to their home have become much more tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Cuppy. Must be awful hard on Kwach to see her precious hurt like that. But, yeah on the aol purge. You look so much nicer without the ick. Diane

Anonymous said...

She's ok, right? Update on the Cuppy status.