Saturday, July 07, 2007


This is that alliterative holiday we've all been waiting for! An excellent day to get married if, you know...we could get married. So instead we're doing that second-best relationship building activity...we're moving!

It's a whole different can of worms to move three acres away than it is to move 2000 miles. When we moved here, we had to make sure we had everything we could possibly need or want...and we failed miserably. We ended up will all kinds of odds and ends and lost all our furniture and appliances, because there was no room in the U-Haul.

This time, it's a lot more luxurious. We're moving one room at a time in the back of our pickups. We're aiming for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom today. Thankfully, we think loud sex may be in our immediate future again in our new kid-free house. Woohoo! I hope we remember how to do it...

So, sleep and shower. Tomorrow...sitting, TV and Internet. also patio furniture and grilling. I think a celebratory fish carcass is in order. Oh...and beer. LOTS of beer. My secondary objective for the post-schlepping is eating our grilled fish carcasses on our new deck, with a traditional pile of flaming trees. We figure there's somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 dead trees standing (and 40 more live ones), and every time it storms another one comes down.

That's a lot of firewood.

So we'll be checking back in and no doubt posting pictures. In the meantime...wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

So, there you two are...wondered where you both got off to. Don't ya love Moving Day? I'm not allowed to pack boxes at my house. :)

marl said...

congrats on your finally being able to have loud sex!


Anonymous said...

Here is that wish for luck you asked for :)I don't think you need it with all that love. If I was close,a Happy Housewarming would be more than this. Enjoy and, screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam :)

Suzanne said...

Moving room by room is the ONLY way to do it. When I moved into my apartment 5 years ago, it was just 4 blocks from my old one. (Not sure how many acres that is.) We closed on the new apartment before we had to vacate the old one, so we'd have friends come meet us at our old one, ask if they wanted to see the new one, and then suggest that they carry a box of stuff on the way. Very effective for getting the odds and ends there.

Anyway, congrats on the new place and I hope you initiate it loudly.