Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Good News and The Bad News

The good news is that the Prodigal Duck has returned from her adventures. The bad news, of course, is that we're STILL on dial up, so there won't be pictures of the joyous reunion. She and the dog have totally bonded. Sage wanders around the yard and the duck waddles along at her heels. When Sage lays down, the duck lays down next to her. When Sage walks down to Carrie's house, the duck walks with her, then waits for her at the door.

While the duck was missing and we were worrying about her safety, I did some reading about ducks so I could be a better duck mother. I found out, among other things, that they need a flock to huddle up with to keep warm and they need a little house to get out of the weather.

So I got the name of a guy who's selling ducks at my work (in case you ever doubted that this was Southern Illinois, the bulletin board by the time clock is all covered with fliers for livestock), and we're going to score a flock for her.

I have another 5 day vacation coming up, in which I WON'T be driving across the country, and I'll build them a little duck house for the winter. I've been learning all about how to heat it (with a light bulb) and what to use for bedding (straw or hay), and I've got a little frame building design in my head. I wonder if they need a window? Maybe a mirror? Frescoes? Gargoyles? I've never really thought about duck decorating and architecture schemes before. Something reflective...I bet ducks like to look at themselves and admire their...duckiness.

Anyway...I've decided I'm a duck person. My totem is a Duck. I'm in touch with my inner duck. See the duck, feel the duck, be the duck...That's my new motto.

I am Duck. Hear me quack.



Just Ducky!

Anonymous said...

Just don't get that poor girl duck a male duck - I've seen what they do - it's BRUTAL! Robin

Suzanne said...

I hope the duck finds you some faster internet service. :)