Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Excuse Du Jour

We are on...(dramatic pause)...DIAL-UP!

This is somewhat akin to carving your blog posts into a rock and flinging it into the town square. No pictures, no YouTubes...nuttin'.

If it weren't for the lousy health care I'd begin to doubt we were still in America.

So we've got another week in Old Testament-like exile, doomed to wander the blogosphere on foot until God sees fit to free us, in the form of DSL installation, from this plague.

Oh...and our duck is missing. It's been a bad day. Okay,'s not as bad as having all the firstborn males slaughtered, but did I mention that THE DUCK IS MISSING??


super des said...

Clearly the duck went to find a faster i0net connection. I Hope she finds it and returns home safely.

super des said...

oops that should say i-net. See what I get for being lazy and not typing "internet" ?

Anonymous said...

My heart bleeds - or maybe drips slowly, as I too, and forever, am on dial-up. We have a regular conversation where we weigh the merits of dial-up vs. cable tv (this usually happens when we're NOT watching NBA because it's no longer televised on Amish (non-cable) tv). We've yet to be willing to choke down either monthly bill, so here we are. I feel your pain. robin