Saturday, June 09, 2007


Today we got greasy! Well, Ev and Rob got greasy. Kwachie supervised from the adirondack chair while chatting on the laptop and sipping an ice-cold beer. We thought you'd enjoy these snapshots taken around the Family Compound as the work progressed:

Ev and Rob are degreasing (with my KITCHEN SCRUBBIE!!!!!) and making assessments.

Here we see the e-Bay Ford lending some power to the operation, which I think may have really been just an excuse to park on the lawn like the good Lord intended.

Here are the dogs helping me supervise.

As it turned out, there was no need to get into the transmission. Yay!
After a couple more beers ...

and a couple more stories ...

and a couple of trips to Auto Zone for a transmission line and a pipe bender ... voilĂ  ... Katie was able to drive to work in time to serve the pizzas!

Our landlord spent the day hauling off trash in preparation for their move (and ours ... yay!) and repairing the drainage ditch so none of our multitude of vehicles will end up nosediving into it the next time it rains. Lucky for us, part of the repair involved the installation of a support structure, which we were happy to make use of.

What's a family compound without a snazzy gated entry???



Ev said...

Ha! The Kennedy's have nothing on us! They may have a yacht or two, but we have 15 cars that all run, and no one's assassinated any of us yet.


Kwach said...

I'm sad to say the compound is, once again, gateless. Once the quickcrete set up on the drainage ditch there was no more functional reason to keep Nerdvana memorialized on wood and rusty bedsprings ... sigh.

However! We did find a truly awesome over-wrought iron gate in our travels today, which would make a fine addition to the driveway when (and if) we ever get to buy the compound outright.

We spent a few hours by the bonfire tonight dreaming about the possibilities for this property if it were ours, and we're working on a plan to convince John he doesn't need this paltry three acres anymore once they move into their new 5000 sq. ft. house on five acres.

As Ev said earlier, we don't just have a plan A and a plan B ... we've got the whole damn alphabet!