Friday, June 29, 2007

They Love Me! They Really Love Me!

I woke to find this in my e-mail box this morning:

I love your posts about working out. Your gym sounds hilarious and ripe with stories! (Better to be ripe with stories than fungus, right?) Do you mind if I link you in a group blog, People Under the Stairmasters, about gym culture? Better yet, would you be willing to join and cross post there?

Woohoo! I've hit the big time! The woman who sent me this kind offer is one of my favorite bloggers. If you're reading from our list of favorite bloggers, hers is C.U.S.S. If you're not reading them... shame on you. Did you not hear me specifically tell you you should? You're grounded...all of you!

Inviting people to join your blog group is somewhat like proposing marriage at the Cubs game on the Jumbotron; there's some risk of public embarrassment. But Suzanne, I'm throwing my arms around your neck and beaming at the camera (not dumping my beer in your lap and mouthing "asshole" on national TV, in front of your mom and all your friends). Yes! Yes I'll marry your blog!'ll have to tell me how to do that. My friend Amy's been trying to teach me to use MySpace all week, and I'm not exactly taking to it like a duck to water. Of course it doesn't help that I've been told that if you're over 30 and posting on MySpace, you're either stupid or you're a pedophile.

And Suzanne...Have you met my friend Robin? The one who didn't take three years off? The one who kayaks and swims in her fish pond?

Suzanne, this is Robin. Robin...Suzanne. Talk amongst yourselves. I have to go work out.


super des said...

Well, for Suzanne's part, she's been raving about this blog for some time. It was her link in PUTS this morning that reminded me to come over here. And now I'm hooked.
So if you're married to CUSS, I'm like the cousin that lives in the house with you. Or something.

Ev said...

Are you the kind of cousin that when we have a marital spat,will tell me how I was right all along and what an asshole Suzanne was, and how lucky she is to have me?

That's my favorite kind of cousin.

Oh...and the kind of cousin who puts her towels in the hamper and doesn't throw them on the bathroom floor. I like that kind a lot too.

Welcome to the family!

super des said...

I should welcome YOU to the family.