Friday, June 15, 2007

One, Two, Button my ... eye??

Behold...Cuppy's new face.

And what a host of indignities it sports now! The button, the collar, the eyedrops...that's God's special punishment for being a purebred.

Our dime-a-dozen stray tuxedo cats are healthy as horses...probably healthier than purebred horses. Poor Cuppy, who's been carefully bred for generations to maximize her goofiness potential, has finally reached the zenith of goof: A Button Head.

But she's going to survive this latest go 'round...and that's all we care about.


Kwach said...

There's even a slim chance she'll have a semi-useful eye after all, but that still remains to be seen.

In ten days they'll take off the button and unsuture the third eyelid, and then we'll find out if she's going to have a huge corneal scar or they'll have to remove the eye once and for all.

Ev's leaning toward removing the eye so it doesn't go through this again. I'm getting used to the idea of her only having one eye, but two would be nice as long as we aren't just prolonging the inevitable.

Being an Eye Care Professional, I know that no doctor (or vet) wants to remove an eye that has any vision potential at all, because it's a spare in case something happens to the good one. But I also know that severely compromised eyes tend to die eventually anyway, or develop other problems like glaucoma. Cuppy doesn't need glaucoma. She's got enough trouble.



I got to ask, does the Cat bring in HBO?

Kwach said...

She might, but we'll never know. She adamantly refused to let us shove that coaxial cable up her ass.