Sunday, June 03, 2007

I know, I know...I suck as a blogger.

We're busy, busy, busy these days so I'm not blogging the way I'd like to. I'm still thinking about stuff, but unless I can blog them with my mind control from the car, I'm pretty much dead in the blog-water these days.

What happens to a family's dynamic when the grown children are back in the house?

In my family, there's a lot of teasing, a lot of trying not to offend, and a little bit of "see how good I've grown up." There's a lot of turf war between sisters, but not with mom. Like Melvin the cat...I'm the alpha. All it takes it the Raised Eyebrow of Doom to convince them that civility is the preferred method of communication. Luckily, they're generally nice people, with a healthy fear of their mother...still.

And they have grown up good. Caustically funny, attractive, cat-loving young people. What more could a mother ask for?

Maybe another bedroom or two.

I can imagine what it's like for Lori to be surrounded by all of us in all our bitchy sisterhood. I think I'd want to hide in the shed, too. But...well...she's stuck with us. You know..."better, worse, richer, poorer"? That thing? Sometimes we can wrap all the way around from better to worse (and richer to poorer) in nanoseconds. Some days we're just a transmission seal away from achieving Nerdvana.

But I still think of it as a victory. The glass IS half full. We still love each other, we still love the kids (we're not too crazy about the cats right now, but that'll pass), and we're shopping for cool kit houses that we can build ourselves our in the woods. Then we can live our dream of becoming crazy cat ladies dressed in 40 layers of outerwear, wandering the woods like a pair of Sasquatches.

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