Friday, June 15, 2007

This Time It Was Cuppy's Turn To Go To The ER

And here I thought I'd have nothing to blog about today...

Cuppy's eye was looking worse today, so I called the vet back and got her a squeeze-in appointment right before lunch. Lori and Cuppy and I piled into the car and headed over there. They took her in right away, and the vet took a look at the eye. While we were standing there discussing it, Cuppy shook her head and her eye pretty much exploded in front of us.

The vet, who was a young little cutie-pie, looked a little green and said, "This is too much for me. Let me get the other doctor in here." And the two of them put their heads together, told us that Cuppy's cornea had split open and that they would take her to surgery.

They did, but it sounds like there's no more eye. They sewed her third lid up over where it used to be, then sewed it shut and then sewed a big coat button over the whole thing. We can pick her up tonight and talk to the doctor about exactly what's going on.

So...there's precious little good news in all of that except that at least now she'll stop getting those horrible eye infections. And she'll look sort of sporty and rakish with her new button. Lori's thinking we'll ask for a big rhinestone-encrusted button, because if you have to look like Cuppy, the least you can do is have some bling.

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Suzanne said...

Holy shit. That is crazy.