Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 and 15/16ths

Yay! We've almost made it!

It's a hair away from 2007, and life is good. And really, after all the trauma of the last few years, we deserve it.

We're contentedly middle-aged; oddly, gloriously, passionately in love (and how weird is that??), and happy to be settled in the midwest. Or as the newscasters call it, the midsouth. Or as Lori calls it, the NorthSouthEastWest.

I felt a little battered by life in the last few years; all that education and double shifts and new career and homesickness took a toll on me. I'm happy to see that I'm happy to be me again. I have high hopes for 2007. I'm thinking of inventing cold fusion this year...or maybe the internet.

Or maybe I'll just enjoy the sunshine, appreciate my loved ones, and be thankful for this life. :-)


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