Friday, December 01, 2006

The Pretty Pink Nose

"Our worst crime against Catdom is the endless photographing of MelonKiwi, trying to capture the essense of his Pretty Pink Nose."

Actually, my worst crime against Catdom was trying to construct a cat sweater for Cuppy out of an old tube sock. I felt sorry for her furless self when the temperature dipped into the 30's, but she looked even more pathetic wearing a black sock with holes cut out for her head and front legs.

But I think we really have come rather close to capturing the essence of MelonKiwi (nee "Dixie" ... his starter name). He's turning out to be the best of all the cats, probably owing to starting out life under a pickup truck in a parking lot ... he's more appreciative. He knows what life was like out there on the mean streets of Anna.

I wish I could get a picture of him with his eyes open, but at least I got his fluff ... and his Pretty Pink Nose!



Me said...

I have a pretty pink nose but no one is chasing after me with a camera.

Not fair.

Carrie said...

Aw, he looks all cute and healthy now, and not like roadkill.

Kwachie said...

Carrie, you would totally love MelonKiwi. He walks in the perfect one-foot-in-the-footprint-of-the-first-foot cat walk ... with his round melon middle sashaying from side to side ... and he's still all teeny and bunny fluffy.

Ev said...

Well, we would chase you around with a camera, but people might think you were Britney Spears and we were paparazzi and K-Fed was about to release the sex tapes. And then you'd attract a lot of media attention and end up on Letterman denying the existence of the sex's better this way.

Anonymous said...

Pfft. He still looks like roadkill.


Carrie said...

Someday I am going to meet MelonKiwi, and come home smelling like him, at which point Melvin and Sophia will stick their pretty pink noses in the air and go sleep under the bed where they think I can't get them.

Ev said...

Remember to drag them out of there before their livers fail. THAT'S inconvenient!

MelonKiwi is the grandson we never had. If you would get busy on your reproduction responsibilities, we wouldn't have to chase this poor kitten around with the camera.

So,'s your fault.