Thursday, December 14, 2006

Special Guest Tree

Although our tree is experiencing maximum gorgeosity, it is still unfortunately bare-assed naked on it's bottom half, due to our inability to find the tree skirt. And since I made that tree skirt myself, I'm somewhat loathe to go out and buy one at Wal-Mart to replace it. So, until I find it, here's a Special Guest Tree.


Lizzie's Christmas Tree!

Festive, isn't it? It has all the requisite gift ornaments, and it's bright and dramatic. We gave it a 4+ on the prettiness scale.


Me said...

Lizzie's tree is lovely but who the hell is Lizzie?

And you can buy a tree skirt for under five bucks if you can live with plain red felt. Try one of the Marts or Tarzhay.

We are on our second ass the dog peed on the first the other day.

Kwachie said...

She's one of the cutie-patootie Filipinas who work in the lab with Ev. I love Lizzie's tree!

Oh, and I have the under-five-bucks red felt tree skirts from WalMart. It's serving as a table-topper for the library table. I offered it, but Ev's holding out for the real one. I'll try again to look for it in the shed, but I think we probably won't find a lot of our stuff until we actually unpack everything.

I'm still missing the lid to my coffee roaster, too.


Ev said...

No,'re missing the point. We own AT LEAST three tree skirts, one of which I actually made myself, without a power saw or anything.

If it comes down to it, we'll probably spring for a cheap get-by. But since we're childless this Christmas and there's no one who will end up in therapy over our lack of a tree skirt, we can by-god do what we want.
That's one of the perks of being an empty-nester for a couple of weeks.
And Lizzie is my pal from work. She's good and kind, and is a serial hugger. Oh...and she decorates a tree like nobody's business, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

We don't have a tree skirt because I thought the red felt one was depressing...but I already made stockings, so I'm kind of reluctant to start a skirt project now. Maybe next year.

By the way, that tree gave me a seizure.

Me said...

How do I enter our tree in the competition?

Ev said...

It's not much of a competition, really. Just send me a picture and I'll post it. Extra bonus points are awarded for any pets you manage to include in the picture.