Friday, December 15, 2006

Special Guest Tree, Part 2

This is Nurse Ann's tree. It's slim and svelte, like the Supermodel of Trees. A handsome tree, however, it is conspicuously lacking any pets in it's vicinity.

We STILL haven't taken a picture of ours, but I think tonight may be the night. Katie's going to a basketball game at the high school, and sex is off the table, so that leaves...PHOTOGRAPHY! Or eating out. I guess you'll know later. If there's a picture of our tree, photography beat out restaurants.


Kwachie said...

Steak Dinner - 1

Photography - 0

Regarding the tree:

Every day I pick up the ornaments on the floor and rehang them above the reach of the cats.If we don't hurry up and snap the picture there won't be any left on the lower 1/3 of the tree, so the tree skirt may be the least of our problems!

Ev said...

We can just take a picture of the top half and solve all our problems. No tree skirt, no low hanging problem!

And the steak dinner rocked. It was a much better choice than hanging around the house taking pictures.

Me said...

I am pretty much honored to have exposure on your spot, if only it is second place.

Now, when do we see your tree?

Ev said...

Our tree is finally photographed. pictures will be forthcoming when I get home from work tonight.

And really, for as much as we've got going on here, I could walk out four hours early and no one would notice. I have to keep restarting my instruments because they go into "sleep" mode.

On the bright side...I get paid pretty well to read the New York Times online. :-)

Kwachie said...

I did my part and took the photos!

: )