Friday, December 08, 2006

From Badness Comes Goodness

During the Stalker's last round of stalking, she dropped a few hints into my mailbox alluding to my last name, and the fact that she's managed to google several other people with the same last name. So the other day, Lori and I also googled my last name and found the most intelligent, community-oriented, high achieving bunch of young people I've ever seen from one family. As I was rattling off their names, location in the family tree, and occupations, Lori said, "Well! Nothing to be ashamed of there, is there?"

It's the immigrant drive to succeed. My ex's grandfather was born in Lithuania and emigrated as a teenager, and his father was a first generation American. They worked hard their whole lives, and made sure that their families were well cared for and well-educated. Those children, in turn, stressed education to their own kids.

I admire families who instill in their children a work ethic, and a drive to succeed and to be active in their community. These kids volunteer with MS fundraisers, they help inner-city kids aquire and learn to play musical instuments, they're active in animal rescue and environmental organizations, and they volunteer in their parish churches. Oh...and our branch can cook like the wind. :-)

They are solid citizens, stable parents and nice people. It was nice to be reminded of how lucky I am to be associated with them.

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