Monday, December 04, 2006

Turkey and Christmas and Nice Normal Stuff


After our run-in with the creepy internet stalker, I decided that I needed a good wholesome project to divert my attention and repair my battered psyche. So continuing our theme of the Neverending Thanksgiving, I'm making turkey soup and baking sourdough bread.

And since it's a balmy 10 degrees out, it's perfect weather for cooking. That's the greatest part about cooking and baking in the keeps the kitchen warm, AND you end up with lots of tasty food.

Karen kinda-sorta shamed me into thinking about decorating the tree with her marathon tree decorating weekend. Since thinking about it is the first step to actually doing it, I feel that progress is happening. I'm bringing the ornaments in from the shed to thaw out, and we're aiming for Wednesday to go out and shoot a tree.

Carrie...remember that place we used to go to cut trees down in Kratzinger Hollow? It's no longer a Christmas tree farm, now it's a frou-frou yuppy barbecue restaurant and banquet hall. Apparently, in case you're brave enough to risk eating barbecue in your wedding gown, this is the place to go.

So we're going down to Berryville (practically out of the county!) to cut a tree this year.'s all new to Lori, so even if we ended up with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, she'd be cool with it. The important thing is that we wrestle it to the ground ourselves.

And somehow, we have to figure out a way to keep MelonKiwi from climbing it.


Me said...

The Diva and I went out and stalked and killed a tree our first Christmas here. I had visions of doing this in the snow, with a u payhot toddy and a warm fire afterwards. We did in the the mud instead, and one of us had to lie flat on the ground to saw the fucker down, guess who.

Then we dragged it about a mile back to the office where you pay.

It was a coupld of feet too long to go in the SUV and I had brought tarp and rope for such a case. But no, the Diva didn't want it strapped to the top. So she cut a couple of feet off it, the top two feet. I had a tantrum.

The next year we bought a cut tree. The needles fell off before we got it in the house, making clean up ever so much easier.

The next year we bought a gorgeous artificial tree, approsmitely the heighth and width of North Dakota. God I hated that thing, but we used it for 2-3 years, struggling to first build and then dismantle it every year.

This year I bought a three piec umbrella tree arrangment. It just fits, and it took about 15 minutes to set up, which included getting it out of the box. I love it.

So after you stalk and cut your tree this year, but a fake one on sale right after the holiday and you won't ever have to go through this hell again.

Carrie said...

Blasphemy!!! Christmas trees are so much better than overpriced barbecue! Barbecue should only cost two dollars anyway! And it should always take place in a shack, not in a restaurant so big they had to knock down my Christmas tree farm!
I have to go scrub my brain with a toothbrush to get this filth out of my mind!

Kwachie said...

LOL to Nursie ... the top two feet??? Ohhhh nooooo!

I gave away two very nice artificial trees when we left Tucson. They were a snap to put together and I really enjoyed them because I could have the tree up longer ... so much longer that I left the 2005 tree up until I moved in June. I had a Valentine's Day tree, a St. Patrick's Day tree and an Easter tree before the fun ended. I'm sure Ev fears a repeat performance.

Now, about that turkey soup ... it's delicious! But I've looked high and low and I'll be damned if I can find that sourdough bread ... hrumph.

Thanks, Sweetie! What a nice thing to come home to on a very cold day! : )

me said...

I am so embarrassed. I wrote a blog sized reply when I could have said it all in two lines.

My bad.

Ev said...

That's alright. On you, long-windedness looks good. It's hot, like Angelina Jolie in a bikini. :-)