Friday, December 01, 2006

A Well-Spent Weekend, During the Week

Heh. I had a four day weekend (during the week) that I mostly frittered away with books and naps and watching the rain fall. Oh, and I spent a couple of hours each day being the clingy obnoxious girlfriend who follows the other girlfriend around and gropes her ass, while the other girlfriend pretends she doesn't love it. :-)

So it was a very satisfying, low-impact, underachieving sort of weekend. And then, to top it off, I did that sort of project that people (well, at least people like me) need to do to feel like the emotional plaque isn't collecting on our emotional arteries and setting us up for an emotional stroke.

I went back to an ex-friend with whom I had parted on bad terms, and I apologized.

And nothing has really changed, except I feel free. I feel like that's a place that no longer has unfinished business. She still doesn't like me, and I guess I didn't expect any different. But I like myself a little better, and that's always a good day.

So tomorrow I have to go back to work, but I feel good. I feel all clean and virtuous, like I shaved both legs and my armpits on the same day. If it weren't for that lesbian thing I'd probably even get into heaven. Oh...and the atheist thing. That might slow me down too. But I get a gold star for ex-friending. :-)


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Kwachie said...

I've enjoyed your clingy obnoxious girlfriend personality. You should have big long four day weekends more often! Oh ... and I should have the last day of it off WITH you for a change. : )