Monday, January 01, 2007

So This is 2007 ...

So far it looks suspiciously like 2006 ...

No snow.

On the bright side, we're just that much closer to the November, 2008 elections!

I confess, I didn't stay up until midnight. They can't fool me anymore ... nothing happens at midnight. I was there for the big Y2K Millenium Midnight when civilization as we know it was supposed to ... um ... do something. It didn't. Well ... technically it went nuts and George W. Bush took over the White House for Eight Crazy Years (apologies to Adam Sandler) ... but really ... midnight 1999 was pretty anti-climactic. After that big disappointment, staying up till midnight on New Year's Eve lost it's magic for me.

Here are my predictions for 2007:

It will take me roughly a month to stop writing "2006."

The price of gas will continue to go up, but that will not be reflected by the receipt an obscenely large check from the oil company drilling holes in that land in West Texas our mother left us.

We'll add at least one animal to the menagerie ... species to be determined at a later date.

I will not quit smoking.

Life here in Nowhere, IL will continue to be happy and predictable! Seasons will change like they're supposed to ... right on schedule ... and this time I'll have a good camera to record it! And Ev and Lori-Fred will continue to blog a little and wander the countryside a little and moan about going to work but enjoy it once they get there ... and keep on living happily ever after.

Happy 2007 to all ya'll ... uh ... y'ouns.


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