Saturday, January 27, 2007

Attention K-Mart Shoppers...There's a Blue Light Special on Sour Grapes...

I'm amazed by people who are so committed to their unhappiness that they wear it wrapped tightly around themselves like a cape. Like in some way it will hurt the rest of us to watch it.

I tried to discuss the possiblity of ending the Drama Queen Pageant on WWET and actually talking about the issues...gasp! Blasphemy!

I think I get it now. Without their angst, they have nothing.

So it's frustrating in the sense that the board is dull like this. How many times do any of us need to see Billie and Boxdog call someone a drunk? On the other hand, it's the board they want. I'll just keep my filters up and talk with the people who want to talk, and let the bitter broken folks whine about how victimized they are behind my filters.

Sour grapes, anyone?


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