Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Around the World in 14 Days

Katie came home from Tucson almost two weeks ago, but her luggage apparently had greater ambitions. It snuck away in Dallas and embarked on adventures that can only be imagined. Did it travel to the capitols of Europe? Darkest Africa? Who knows? All we know for certain is that finally, weary and dispirited, it made it's way back to Tucson, only to find that we don't actually live in Tucson anymore. It then had to make one more exhausted journey to the ancestral homeland, Illinois.

Picture the noble suitcase, struggling across the windswept prairie, always with the vision of it's home to keep it going. That poor luggage, rolling bravely home, it's handle bent into the fierce wind, persevering mightily and yet worrying about it's reception. Would it still be welcome? Would it even have a home to return to??

Yes, we were anxious...fearful. Would the time away change the luggage? Would it return broken and embittered? But none of that matters now. All is forgiven! The luggage is coming home to the bosom of it's loving family. The socks, the underwear, another pair of jeans...how happy and grateful we will be to have Katie reunited with them!

No, really.

I cannot tell you how happy we'll be to have Katie reunited with them.


Anonymous said...


You're brilliant.


Ev said...

Well...save your accolades. The luggage is again lost in that black hole that is Texas. Think Moses, in the wilderness.

May God have mercy on it...