Monday, November 06, 2006

Wabbit Season! Dyke Season!

Dick Cheney's going hunting again, and this time he's taking his famous dyke daughter, Mary, with him. Apparantly he's healed from the trauma of shooting his best friend in the face, and he's ready for an outing with Mary. Although it's tempting to speculate about the political advantages of shooting her, in reality, Dick needs to shoot an awful lot of people to get out of the hole he and Junior have dug for themselves. Too many people are talking about where the bodies are buried...and it's hard to get them all to agree to a "hunting trip."

If this was Evie's Perfect World, the Bushies and Diebold would get caught tampering with votes, but it wouldn't matter in the face of the overwhelming rejection of the Republican Agenda.

Dick Cheney would be caught unawares on an open microphone talking about his plans for world domination and the assasination of his openly gay daughter.

Oh...and maybe George Bush would be recorded on someone's voice mail buying meth and scheduling a tryst with a gay male hooker.

Is that too much to ask?


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