Thursday, November 02, 2006

He is the Eggplant, He is the Melon...KooKooCaChoo

I took the kitten to the vet yesterday. He checked out well. He is, of course, loaded with parasites inside and out, but they're all being treated now. He also has an upper respiratory infection, but otherwise...He's good to go. He's got a date to get Tutored (ala the Far Side joke..."We're going to the vet to get TUTORED!") in two weeks.

I saw the wife of an old friend at the vet's office. Now she's the ex-wife, since she tells me they divorced seven years ago. We exchanged stories about our kids and caught up for a while, and I was thinking how much I like her. She's one of those Christians that seems to really embrace the ideals of Christianity. She's genuinely kind and compassionate, seemingly without any advantage to herself. And somehow she's managed to have both beliefs AND a sense of humor, which I admire even more.

And that reminded me how much the core teachings of Christianity appeal to me, and how much I generally dislike most Christians. When does Christianity morph into a license to be judgmental for so many people? It seems like it's almost a direct violation of the teachings of Jesus. Isn't he the "Judge not, lest ye be judged" guy?

I'd like to spend more time reading about the history of Christianity, and the writing of the Bible. I have a hard time separating Jesus, whom I admire, from his followers, who I generally dislike. Maybe more education would help.

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