Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Can It be Over Now? The Cows Are Heading Home!

And here I thought I'd have nothing to blog about tonight!

I'm staying off the topic of the election until tomorrow morning. I want to see what the final results look like before I get too excited. I've had my heart broken in the last few elections...I hate to start crowing too soon.

BUT...I'm sure this is some sort of omen. I was driving home from work (at 11pm) on a fairly major 55 mph two lane highway, headed south out of Cobden. There were lights on the other side of the hill ahead, so I slowed down a little as I crested the hill.

The first thing I saw was the police lights flashing. Then I realized that the police car was driving slowly, following four cows down the northbound lane. The cows were walking single file, and looked like they knew where they were going...and they weren't the slightest bit put out by their police escort.

So...Maybe the cows HAVE come home? Where's an omen-ologist when you need one??

And oh...this is yet another reason why I'm so glad to be home. :-)


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