Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I just got back from voting.

It was pretty easy here in rural Southern Illinois. Big paper ballot, big black magic marker, cozy voting booths with bedsheets hung up for privacy. Take your ballot in the booth, uncap the marker, color in the little circles. No Diebold machines, no chads ... just stay inside the lines and drop your ballot in the little box, then slap on your "I Voted!" sticker and make a little small talk with the curly-haired two-year-old in the cute sweater poncho with the little fall colored pom-poms. Like voting ought to be!

It was quick too. Fill in all the little circles next to all the Democrats. : )

And in anticipation of the overthrow of Congress, I stopped on the way home and bought Ev a twelve-pack of Schlafly's Pale Ale so she can celebrate in style after saving lives tonight. Should the election go in a way other than the way it SHOULD go, she can use it to drown her sorrows.

I'm going to ignore the post about the mouse in the house because I'm just a little bit freaked out about the whole thing.



Ev said...

Welcome to wintertime in the rural Midwest. The mice like to keep warm too, you know.

Kwach said...

Will I be expected to hand carry them to the field??? I'll faint, you know.