Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Democrats have retaken the House, and maybe the Senate. Montana and Virginia are still too close to call, but I have hope.

Now, the trick is to...let me put this delicately...not fuck this up. I hope the Dems are acutely aware that they're going to be under the microscope. They'd better be pure in thought, word and scandals, mimimal pork and sane policymaking. They need to look like the Anti-Republicans.

Part of my Wishlist for America would be the restoration of the Constitution (remember habeus corpus?) and a little more federal oversight on big corporations, specifically pharmaceuticals, oil and financial corps. Maybe it's time to stop packing the agencies that oversee those businesses with execs from the very companies they're supposed to we keeping an eye on. Just a thought.

Anyway, it's going to be an interesting couple of years. I can't wait to see how Bush does with some opposition. He's such a petulant baby that I expect him to really freak out when Congress closes the Federal pursestrings to his pet projects. No more no-bid contracts for KBR? Blasphemy!

So now the Dems have got some work to do. Get out of that insane war. Start managing the deficit. Undo the corporate giveaways, lax environmantal policies and global bad will created by six years of Bush's cronyism.

This may require underwear worn on the outside.



Me said...

And now Rummy is history! Hot diddley damn this is a good start.

It is 2 pm.

Do we know where our Cheney is?

Ev said...

Taking his fucked up boss hunting?

Me said...


I was hoping for that.

They need the rest and relaxation. Maybe I will send them a couple of six packs.