Monday, November 06, 2006

A Love For the Ages

This is the arm of my elder daughter, Carrie, commemorating our unholy union.

Who needs gay marriage when your love can be immortalized on your children, right below the powdered sugar symbol?



Carrie said...

Haha! My friends have all declared this The Best Tattoo Ever, by the way, and Matt could hardly stand to do it because he couldn't stop chuckling with glee.

Also, it's always a good time explaining to people why there are two "Mom"s on my arm.

Q: "Is one for your grandma?"

A: "No, it's for my mom's girlfriend."

*insert awkward silence here*

Ev said...

LOL...good work. However, for maximim effect use the phrase "Mom's lesbian lover."

Carrie said...

The thought has crossed my mind. However, since I'm usually at work when people ask me that question, I try to induce as little trauma as possible.
It's bad for tips when you make your customers choke on their lattes.

Kwachie said...

Just don't ever use the phrase, "My mom's WIFE" or I'll have to beat the tattoo right off ya!


Abigail said...

Would you give me permission to reprint the image of the tattoo on my site? I will also link back to this page, of course. I would also love to hear from Carrie herself! Best wishes, Abigail

Ev said...

Of course you can use it...You're welcome to it. Where is your site? Is it something we might be able to see?

Abigail said...

Click on my name above to go to the post. My blog documents the intersection of L/G/B/T issues and family.