Saturday, November 11, 2006

Social Graces

It's traditional, when you work in the medical field, to receive small gifts and offerings from your patients when they come for a visit. Sometimes they bring a nice "Thank You" card after surgery. Sometimes they bring a box of candy for the office to share. Occasionally you have a patient who loves to cook, and then you hit the jackpot ... homemade cookies, empanadas or brownies. On rare occasions you reach the pinnacle of patient gratitude: dessert provided by a patient who owns a restaurant. In Tucson we had an Italian restaurant owner who brought Tiramisu.

Yesterday I learned that, here in the Heartland, they give the traditional Midwestern Gift of Meat! Barbecued ribs, to be specific. Yum!

Today I was having sort of a bad day and Ev cooked a pot roast. She says that the Gift of Meat is appropriate for all occasions and will fix almost anything. I can't help but wonder if apologies here are accompanied by the Bouquet of Meat. If so, make mine more of those fantastic ribs!



Ev said...

Nothing says love like the gift of meat! :-)

Carrie said...

Does this mean that when I come visit you I should bring the Gift Of Tofurkey?

Ev said...

I think it emphatically means you should NOT.

Nothing says "hemp socks" like the Gift of Tofurkey.

Carrie said...

Did you know there is an all-hemp store down the street from my house?
Really, it wouldn't be any trouble at all!

Kwachie said...

Of course there's an "all hemp" store down the street from your house. If there hadn't been one when you moved in they'd have put one up afterward!

If you bring a Tofurkey we'll feed it to the cats. The ones outside. That don't belong to us.

Carrie said...

Haha! Cats love Tofurkey. It probably tastes like kibble.