Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Easter!

Well it's Easter. Since I'm at work and not at home, I can't post the picture of the most excellent Easter basket ever. The Easter Bunny was extra sensitive to my celebratory needs. The longer the Easter Bunny and I shack up, the better the Bunny gets at assessing my needs. When Lori and the kids get home, I'll make sure she posts some photos.

This year's Easter workfest has been less exciting than last year's, except for the fact that every single analyzer is struggling with it's crappy software issues and alarms are periodically going off everywhere. The blood banking machine can't read the bar codes, the hematology analyzer can't remember how to make slides, the platelet shaker thinks it's battery is dangerously low...and it's all lies. The analyzers would really like to be home celebrating, incubating their peeps and measuring the glucose and specific gravity of the chocolate bunnies. They're hoping to malinger their way to a day off, but I'm on to their tricks. No dice, analyzers. If I have to be at work, so do you.

Pretty much the only business we're getting today is E.R. patients, and they're mostly kids who ate 10 pounds of chocolate and a few Easter eggs that sat out all night, and have sore bellies now. This supports my "most parents are morons" theory. If you give your kids 10 pounds of chocolate for breakfast, why are you surprised when they come down with a sudden onset of nausea and vomiting? Maybe you can test this theory on yourselves be eating 20% of your body weight's worth of chocolate in a half hour, then wait two hours and assess the health of your digestive system. Get it now?

Enjoy your holiday! Remember, Jesus died for your Easter basket!

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