Friday, March 28, 2008

You Asked For It...

We got this comment yesterday from Pat:

Kwach,Thanks for working so hard to comprehend who the candidates are. Because of you, I have decided to vote Obama. I hate politics because I seldom know what is really going on. I respect your opinions. BTW, I read your blog every day and just wish that you and Ev would write EVERY day, (heh). Pat

First of all, thanks. Second of all, I sometimes wonder what I would blog about if I blogged every day, which is weird since I find something to talk about every day in my real life, and it's not that difficult.

But in lieu of flirting with you all , which makes an excellent substitute for conversation when you don't actually want to talk (it looks like interacting, but really it's just performance art), I occasionally run out of things to say. But today I spent this morning in my jammies hanging out with my daughters and talking and laughing about how we're all alike.

We're bossy. really bossy. But we mostly feel justified because we've already spent a week or more fretting and stewing about whatever the problem is. Long before our partners even knew it was time to feel anxiety, we were already busy laying awake and self-flagellating over it. In my mind, that makes us more qualified to make decisions about it, whatever it is. When you've put in 80 hours of stewing, you can usually come up with a plan. It's like training for the Olympics...If I spend 40 hours a week training and lifting weights and running every day, I sure will resent some interloper coming along with a Twinkie in one hand and a beer in the other and eclipsing my efforts.

So this morning we put our heads together and tried to come up for a more diplomatic way for Carrie to discuss her relationship needs with her Man Friend than, "Because I said so." But the idea that the three of us would actually come up with a diplomatic way to say anything was so laughable that we gave up and moved on.

We also decided that anyone who can love one of us over the long haul has to be very determined and have a pretty sturdy ego. Or deaf.

That's pretty much it for today though. No brilliant political discourse, no dwarfs, no eBay...just me and my girls and the always-pleasant surprise of how satisfying it is to have a family you love to spend time with.


Cedar said...
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Jazz said...

Not being American and all - I really like the non political posts...