Friday, March 21, 2008

The Reason We Have Kids (Besides that our birth control failed)

Okay, we're all in agreement that George Bush is a moron. Everytime he opens his mouth something stupid escapes. Imagine being Laura and having to listen to him all the time. I'd have killed him by now. But aside from being a famous idiot, or maybe because if it, he's coined a few phrases that have become part of the national lexicon: the Decider, fool me twice...I won't get fooled again, and a bunch more.

Lori and I were talking about phrases we picked up from our kids that have become part of our family lexicon. Here are of some of Katie's greatest hits:

1. There's no "I" in "can't", but there's an "I" in "I can't"
2. He's a sexaholic. He's addicted to sexahol.
3. There's no "me" in "team." Oh wait...yes there is.

What are yours? What phrases belong to your family alone, and make you laugh every time you use them?


klandvl said...

When my now almost-6-yr-old was being introduced to the whole "Santa Claus" thing. That name didn't do anything for him. He referred to him as "santa closet".

He also, about the same time, wanted to swimming in the "sham-poo".

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was an early teenager she developed an annoying habit of referring to anything she didn't like as "stupid." After hearing for the several millionth time that something or other was stupid, her stepfather and I decided it had to stop, and we appealed to her sense of intellectual superiority to make the change.

We gently suggested that using only one word for her condemnations wasn't worthy of her incredible intelligence, and that the phrase "that's certainly not the way I would do it" had a lot more cachet. She fell for it.

So now, any time we think something is stupid (the current administration, for instance) we look at one another archly and say, "Well --- that's certainly not the way I would do it...."


Ev said...

Jessie...tell your daughter we plan to usurp her idea. It sounds like a much more fun way to convey "stupid" AND it has the added bonus of condescending. What's not to love about that??