Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Pulaski Day!

We're all wearing our traditional Pulaski Day leiderhosen, drinking pilsner beer, and singing Pulaski Carols! Gather 'round, kids. I'll read you "The Night Before Pulaski Day." You're obviously a clever bunch. None of that is actually true. I'm actually at leiderhosen, no pilsner...just a bronchial lavage culture waiting to be set up and the warm homey hum of the analyzers.

However, I'll still wish you the traditional Pulaski Day greeting:

Everybody have fun tonight! Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

Now drop the Pulaski Ball over Times Square, and let's get started with the fireworks and the polish sausage hunt.

(That Casimir Pulaski...he was an odd man, wasn't he?)

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