Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Guess Who's Got Another eBay Truck?

After a week off from the ice? It's back. We're once again fully engaged in the scraping, slipping, fishtailing part of winter. I have a little post-holiday letdown in the wake of Pulaski Day, the new eBay truck is bought, and now the logistical challenge of picking it up in Racine, Wisconsin is before us. This is the eBay truck:
It's a '91 Ranger with an extended cab. Like all eBay trucks, it'll need some work, but we paid $592 for it, so I can afford to put some money into it.
I haven't been to Wisconsin in 15 or 20 years, and Lori's never been at all, so this will be another eBay adventure trip. We will, of course, have pictures and narrative to share when we get home.
I'd love to go up Friday, but I think Lori's working, and then I work the weekend. We're both off next weekend, so that'll give all you Northerners plenty of time to give us good touring advice between Effingham, IL and Racine, WI. And if we wait for the weekend we can stay over in Chicago and see that, although I can't imagine where we'd go if we just had a few hours.
Ah, but that's why we have you, our Internets friends. Where should we go if we have a single evening and morning in Chicago?


Suzanne said...

You should go to my parents' house! Ha ha ha.

Seriously, you'll be restricted to indoor activities since it sucks right now in Chicago, but I do love the Art Institute and Chicago Historical Society. If you want something a little less popular, there's always the International Surgical Society Museum. They have lots of horrible oil paintings depicting famous surgical events and skulls with holes drilled into them so that the spirits could get out. It's also near the Historical Society, so you can do a nice pairing...

Great breakfast spot: The Original Pancake House. There's one in downtown Chicago, and a few in the 'burbs. (Three are near my parents' house...) Best pizza: Gino's (cornmeal crust) or Giordano's (buttery crust).

I'm bummed that I won't be around, but I can't wait to read about what you did.

Cedar said...

OOO OOOO I have a question...just how long of a drive is it to pick up this 1.50 truck?

Ev said...

This particular fine vehicle is located a scant 400 miles away in Wisconsin, home of the Badgers, brisk winds, and beer.

What's not to love? Want to go with?

Ev said...

And Suzanne...I like you so much that I even briefly considered that if you were in Chicago, I'd like to meet you.

But then I realized that what I'd really like to do is drive by you a few times to see if you looked friendly, then go home and think about meeting you a little longer.

That's how we make scary decisions here in Nowhere. :-)

SP said...

DAMN! You two will be so close and yet so far away.

I'm farther north and west.

Cedar said...

Geee, dang, I would love to take a 400 mile drive between Illinois and Wisconsin, but having done that drive once, I am going to have to say. HELL NO. But thanks.

Cedar said...

NOT that there is anything WRONG with Illinois. I have noticed that is has ILL in its' name however.