Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Day, Another Psychotic Break

At my little hospital, which is the second largest employer in the region, I work with a bunch of people I like, a few I'm ambivalent about one batshit crazy woman. She's the kind of person that you pass with your eyes averted like you would a vicious dog, in case your eye contact looks like a challenge and she has to kill you. Luckily, I think she's finally had one of her psychotic breakdowns in front of enough witnesses to be offered an opportunity to seek employment elsewhere.

A couple of days ago she got lit up about something. She's the kind of person who doesn't have a little outburst and get over it, she has a little outburst and it opens a floodgate to let the madness out. So...she got pissed. Then more pissed. Finally, she was standing in the middle of the lab screaming, "FUCKING BITCH!" and throwing things. The phlebotomists ran for cover, all except one. That one got dragged around the lab by the elbow to witness the source of Batshit's insanity. Finally, after flinging the phones around, chasing the phlebots, storming out of the lab, storming back in for another round, crying hysterically, and threatening suicide...she left. And apparently clocked out so she could come back to the lab, pitch one more fit, and hit someone. That someone happened to be me.

And then she left. For real. And silence descended. And we all looked around at each other and said, "Jesus! What started that?"

So now she's gone, under suspension pending a disciplinary hearing which, please God, ought to result in termination. Although termination with a side of institutionalization is probably a better solution.

So last night was hectic, since we were short a tech, but it was a lot more relaxing, even with the extra work, than is usually is. It's easier to plan your night around extra work than a potential psychotic break.

However, we're sort of halfway expecting her to come back and kill us, so if I were you I'd plan on getting into the class-action lawsuit with the other families. There's no reason not to profit of the suffering of your friends after they're dead, is there?


Sharon said...

Um, yeah... scary...

Hopefully they'll fire her and you won't have to deal with her anymore.


Linda said...

Jeez, I thought it was postal workers who went... well... postal! Phlebots! Hahahahah! Keep your head down and eyes averted.

Suzanne said...

Um, good luck with that.