Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Urban Pedestrian? Where the hell are you? Has Ottawa fallen into the sea? Is it even near the sea?

Uh...sorry, all you Canadians. I've got my own states firmly in my head, but I can't remember yours. I think I recall that you call your states something different and carve them up into inappropriately large chunks for your children so they don't have to memorize as many capital cities and that you tend to play hockey more and baseball less. Oh...and talk funny. And wear hats. That's pretty much it though.

So, unless you're floating around in the sea on a hunk of wood singing the Titanic theme song (but please God, don't...even though, if I recall correctly, it was originally sung by an actual Canadian) I can't think of a good reason that your blog would go missing.

Phone home, U.P.



I guess you haven't heard. We invaded Canada and captured all their blogs. Personally I thought we should have taken the beer.

Ev said...

Just so we're clear...does that make them the wetbacks, or us?

Can't we invade Mexico, where it's warm?


Shhhhhh, It's a secret, Mexico is next. We are going down for the Tequila and the Velvet Elvis paintings.

Kwach said...

Ev might go down for a velvet Elvis ... not so much the tequila ... but I know she'll go down for a Bohemia beer and a chunk of Talavera pottery. She's done it before.

Or maybe that was because of the Bohemia?


Jazz said...

OK, so I'm not the only one who can't find UP? I thought blogger was hating me again, like it periodically does.

And living 2 hours from Ottawa, all I can say is that i haven't heard that it has fallen into a crater (nowhere near close to the sea), but sometimes it would deserve to.