Friday, December 28, 2007

Evie's Week

I'm halfway through my nine day in a row stretch at work. Everyone in Southern Illinois has chosen this week to drop by the E.R. with sore bellies because they've all eaten so much rich food and washed it down with a river of booze.

We have three dead guys in our morgue that's designed to hold two dead guys, so one is laying on the table waiting for the funeral home to pick him up (Lab is responsible for the morgue after the pathology staff goes home at 3pm.). The one that's cooked to a crisp is, fortunately, tucked away in the cooler. He died in a fiery car crash and he's so badly burned that chunks fall off when you have to move him. There's charred dead-guy ash on the floor. I hope his family doesn't come by to look at him.

And I have a sinus infection and no possibility of taking a day off to indulge it. Oh...and it's raining. And there's still 11 more weeks of winter.

I'm a little burned out.


marl said...


the visual is just nasty!

Kwach said...

The olfactory can be pretty nasty, too. The morgue adjoins the lab, and when both drawers are full and someone has to be left on the table awaiting ... something ... it makes for a long night for the folks next door, especially if the extra someone isn't exactly fresh as a freakin' daisy.

finta said...

Got ice?


I should sleep fine now.


I should sleep fine now.

Kwach said...

Hey, Cedar, you didn't forget and read the blog while you were eating again, did you? I worry about that.



Kwach, no I just had gotten home, got in bed was checking my mail and blogs I like.

You know Ev said she was burned out, but not as burned out as that guy on the table.

I had toast for breakfast

Suzanne said...

Wow, that is pretty damn nasty.