Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

As part of my lukewarm effort to gay up our blog I thought I'd comment on Jodie Foster's shocking news that she's a lesbian. Jodie Foster, lusted after by by a generation of dykes, has avoided the topic like the plague for decades, no doubt to protect...what?

What difference would it have made? I know it's not her job to be a Lesbian Pioneer (although the uniform is sort of jaunty), but I can't ever figure out what keeps women in the closet like that. It's a gay-friendly world, Mike Huckabee notwithstanding...wouldn't the last 15 years have been more pleasant for her and her partner if they hadn't spent it denying one of the most basic parts of their identities?

Anyway...Jodie is out. And all of us who have suspected all along can shout a resounding, "Well, duh!" and get back to the business of living our own out gay lives until the next earth-shattering gay revelation.



I want to hear her say the words...I am a Lesbian. Not that I doubt for a moment she is a big ole dyke.

Jazz said...

Was this a secret? Seems like most people knew she was a lesbian. So what?

Suzanne said...

Somehow I missed this. I miss all the non-Britney Spears celeb announcements. Probably because they are not all splashed over the covers of all the magazines I pass by at the corner magazine stand.

Linda said...

Gay up your blog! Hahahaha!