Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I read that it's part of the blogger's code to post my reflections on 2007, so here goes:

I barely remember 2007. I remember this week, and Christmas, and work last night. But after that it's sort of a fuzzy gray blur of mowing and chainsawing and laughing about stupid stuff with the people I love, and crossmatches and diffs and spinal fluids and acetone levels and wound cultures.

I bought a truck. I totalled a truck. I did somethings that felt smart, and some that felt dumb. I can't remember either...just the feelings.

Cuppy's eye fell out. I remember that because I see her every day. I still love Lori with my whole heart and soul.. I know that because I see her everyday, too. If she takes a vacation, well...I wouldn't, if I were her. :-)

But really, if I want to remember 2007, it's all neatly stored in the archives of this blog. In lieu of a memory of my own, this'll do for now.

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