Thursday, January 10, 2008

Checking In

I feel like I ought to check in with the blog, but I also feel like there's so little going on that it's hardly worth it. Let's see if I can ramble my way to unstuck...

It's been raining endlessly. The yard is a lake punctuated by islands of mud. I have outdoor things to do (I cut three dead trees down and now they need to be cut up), but it's just too wet. How much longer until summer again?

My favorite boss, Joe, our blood bank supervisor, is retiring. He's a giant of a man...maybe 6'7" or 6'8"...and has alternately pushed and supported me for the two years I've been working at this hospital.

We hit it off right at the beginning. When I was training and certifying here and was finishing up my blood bank rotation, he stood behind me one day and barked orders at the top of my head like a drill sergeant. He was trying to get me to abandon all my habits and acquire all of his, and I think the strategy was to break my will. Luckily I'm about as willful as it's possible to be, so that plan wasn't going to fly.

Remember that he's a foot and a half taller than me. I'm sure I have a better view if what's going on in his nostrils than he ever has...

So he was barking instructions at me and trying to confuse me. Finally I turned around and said, "Stop! You're making me nervous!"
Joe said, "I'm trying to make you nervous."
And I said, "Well, stop it."

And that was the end of that.. Ever since that day he's treated me like a peer and not an employee, which is no small thing when he's got 30 years of experience on the rest of us. I'll miss him a ton.

What else? Carrie's Man Friend has moved in with her, but she hasn't gotten to the exploitation phase of the relationship, so her trash can is still in the ditch. When he's not so shiny and new she'll make him climb down there and fetch it. I know her.

Lori's enjoying her dollhouse project. She's got it partially assembled and it looks good. And it has the added advantage of being inside, out of the rain, unlike all my projects. I've mostly been sitting by the fire reading and hoping for a dry day.

Tommorow is my day off. Yay!


Carrie said...

I know. Right now the Man Friend is still in the opening jars and getting things off top shelves phase. Plus he's made dinner, which could definitely postpone any serious exploitation.

Kwach said...

Yo, Carrie ... you should consider changing your icon ... Man Friend is much better looking than Mama's Boy, even halfway hidden behind your gorgeosity. :)

Kwach said...

PS: I feel guilty about having a sweet indoor project when you can't get outside to cut things up and burn shit. Want to help me paint?

Jazz said...

Sitting by the fire reading is my idea of perfection.