Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pride Goeth. But Funnel Cake Stayeth Forever.

How often do I ever post twice in the same day? Never-ish? But I wanted to write this down before I forgot. I read a post about Gay Pride in one of my favorite blogs, Be Gay About It.

I don't dispute anyone else's experience, but here's mine.

I know that among some of our gay friends this will put me squarely in the company of Hitler and Pontious Pilate. I also understand that I may sound like the love child of an unholy union between Roseanne Roseanadana and Andy Rooney.

I don't get gay pride.

Gay pride is right up there with blue-eyed pride, short pride, and funny hair pride. Pride, IMO, should be reserved for things a person actually does. I'm proud of my college education because I achieved it under the influence of three children and one brain injury. I'm proud of my wonderful kids, because I believe I had a hand in their wonderfulness.

I'm not particularly proud of my gayness. I'm not unproud either. It's merely a fact of my being. I didn't do anything to cause it and so I can't take credit for it. I like it, but I'm not any more likely to hang a Gay Pride banner off my house than I am a Right-Handed Presbyopic Pride banner.

I like a nice parade and a street party, and I love any event that causes funnel cakes to happen, so I can appreciate a Gay Pride festival. And gay people are generally fun, in a neurotic, politically correct, every-moment-is-a-potential-diversity-teaching-moment kind of a way. But a nice VultureFest or Pancake Day is just as meaningful as a Gay Pride day...unless a person is hunting her next girlfriend. In that case she's much more likely to find her at Gay Pride Day than at Pancake Day.


Erika said...

Hey Ev,

Thanks for the link (I think?). You've definitely stirred some thoughts for me.

Personally, I oscillate between getting pride and not getting pride. On the one hand, I agree with you that my gayness is an incidental part of who I am and that pride is most sensibly felt about things we achieve; on the other hand, I understand the relevance of celebrating what's incidental in the broader context, where it's not so incidental most of the time, often to an oppressive degree. I haven't landed on either side...which I think is okay, too.

I kind of wish you'd left a variation of your comment on LeAnn's post to spark conversation, but I understand doing it here instead. Maybe you'll write a guest post of your own for BGAI Together? I'd love to read it if you think of something that fits. :) I'm trying to collect many & diverse voices, (as long as they're positive).

Cedar said...

I agree with you here...people should actually be proud of an acheivement...like I can lick my own eyebrows and that makes me feel proud at times...but it is not like I acheived it on my own and all. I guess I will have to settle with being proud of my ability to make really bizarre comments on other people's Blogs, because pretty much I don't think i was born with this talent.

Ev said...

Cedar, I'm proud that I know you. Although I guess I didn't actually earn that, except by bravely gritting my teeth and continuing to like you even when you show yourself to be a dunderhead. You're still my little dunderhead and I like you.

Erika, I hope you're not offended. I didn't leave a comment on your blog because I didn't want to look like I was directly contradicting your guest. I just used your stuff as a jumping off point for a little rant-lette of my own. But I totally respect your right to see it differently.

(How was that for a backpedal with a backflip on the dismount?;)

Erika said...

Totally not offended. It wasn't my post! And like I said, there are days when I fall on the side of pride and days when the last place it makes sense for me to go is to my town's annual pride festival. I don't see it differntly; I see it both ways.

I worried that the post might cause you to stop visiting my blog, that's all.

The invitation stands for you to write & submit something. :)

Ev said...

Thanks. I rarely have anything to say until the moment that I actually say it, which is why most of the things I say look a little...slapdash.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, being able to lick your own eyebrows is the epitome of Gay Pride, just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Your post helps me understand why I've always like Halsted Market Days much better than Gay Pride in Chicago.

Plus, Pride is a waste for the girl who is just mistaken for a straight girl anyway.


Ev said...

Kate, you can go and dyke all up...dress in rainbows and Docs and wear your "LesbiFriends" tee shirt.

Or you can come to the Church of the Holy Ag and we can be our own festival. WITH funnel cakes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ev. Sounds like a great plan!