Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Prop 8 supporters, Scott Brown voters, mealy-mouthed Democratic health care weenies, and Republican fucktards of every stripe:

You can have it. I give up. Just don't come crying to me later because you thought it would be more fun. When they said they were taking back the country, they didn't actually mean for you Teabaggers, white-trash Republicans, Dittoheads, and protectors of sanctity. They actually meant that you would be protecting it from us, and they would be cashing the checks.

We'll still be here, unmarried and uninsured, when you're done with our country. Just please take out the trash when you leave.


Sam Holloway said...

Word up.

Sam Holloway said...

Word up.

Tennessee Budd said...

The trash is being taken out; it's begun already in Massachusetts.

Ev said...

You must say that because you made a bid on one of Scott Brown's daughters.